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Friday, July 07, 2006

Sound of Water, Sound of Freaking Out

As I try to prepare for "Sound of Water, Sound of Hope" at the same time as preparing for two major recitals this weekend, I do not wish for 30 hours in a day. I wish for 67 hours and 2 minutes in a day.

Today I was thrilled to receive in the mail two compositions for flute, violin, and cello: "H2O" by Ricardo Romaneiro, a colleage of mine from Juilliard, and "Sand Fountain," by Eric Shanfield, a friend of Ricardo's. Both pieces look outstanding; both allude to water; both contain the spirit of the mbira music of Zimbabwe lurking not too far from the surface. In other words, both pieces are perfect for performance in Project III. Thank you, Ricardo and Eric for your terrific work.

I also did a bunch of shopping for instruments that the students at Epworth Primary and Alexandra Park Primary may use during the workshops. Thank you, Wendy Dougherty, for helping me shop for these items! An updated expense account is available here, and an updated version of the acknowledgments page is available here.


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