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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back Home Again in Indiana

It's a relief to be back from Zimbabwe after a project that offered both immense rewards and great frustrations. Dealing with constant shortages of fuel, electricity, and cellphone airtime can be tough, but who cares about such things when considering that on Friday, a hundred children from Epworth Primary School in Harare, many of whom are orphans and/or HIV-positive, performed their own compositions in concert?

All in all, this project astonished me in every way, and I am confident you will share my belief in its worth after I make available diary accounts, the itinerary, pictures, and more on the website. I hope to do this in the days and weeks to come.

The frustrations can be forgotten. What remains are the astonishing memories...of raising the money for a borehole pump by playing a benefit concert with a minimum donation of $10 million (in Zimbabwe dollars)...memories of more humble concerts, such as the one for a woman and her son dealing with AIDS in the remote village of Chishawasha.

MFTP will continue to bring music to the children at Epworth Primary. This project will be repeated. It is too important for it not to be.


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